April 23
Room A Room B Room C
M1 8h30-

Opening Session

B. Bigot
Haut-commissaire à l'énergie atomique
A. Hasegawa
Head of the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Fission Studies Chair: N. Kornilov
537 Jutta Escher - Compound-nuclear reaction cross sections from Surrogate measurements
357 Beatriz Jurado - Determination of minor-actinides fission cross sections by means of transfer reactions
773 Shelly Lesher - Benchmarking the surrogate ratio method with applications
750 Marco Calviani - Measurement of the neutron induced fission of 235U, 233U and 245Cm with the FIC detector at CERN n_TOF facility
Nuclear Structure and Decay Data 1 Chair: A. Villari
149 Alan Nichols - The aims and activities of the International Network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data evaluators
707 A. Algora - β-decay data requirements for reactor decay heat calculations: study of the possible source of the gamma-ray discrepancy in reactor heat summation calculations
685 Teresa Kurtukian-Nieto - New technique to determine beta half-lives in complex-background
300 Stephan Oberstedt - Research on isomer decay with the NEPTUNE spectrometer
Evaluations in the Resonance Range 1 Chair: O. Serot
766 Olivier Bouland - A walk along the steep path of neutron resonance data evaluation
331 Nancy Larson - Current status of the R-matrix code SAMMY, with emphasis on the relationship to ENDF formats
542 Hyeong Il Kim - New ENDF/B-VII.0 evaluations of neutron cross sections for 32 fission products
617 Liviu Mihailescu - Evaluation of the 103Rh neutron cross section data in the unresolved resonance region for improved criticality safety

Lunch break
Facilities and Experimental Techniques 1 Chair: A. Mengoni
639 Mamoru Baba - Recent progresses of nuclear data measurement in Japan
330 A.J.M. Plompen - A full characterisation of the GELINA neutron flux distributions and resolution functions with the Monte Carlo code MCNP5
756 Yaron Danon - High-accuracy filtered neutron beam and high-energy transmission measurements at the Gaerttner laboratory
774 Klaus Guber - New neutron cross section measurements from ORELA and new resonance parameter evaluations
Benchmarking for Fission Applications 1 Chair: M. Salvatores
723 Alain Santamarina - The use of integral experiments to improve nuclear data
271 Pierre Casoli - Reactivity worth measurements with CALIBAN and SILENE experimental reactors
354 J. Blair Briggs - Integral benchmark data for nuclear data testing through the ICSBEP and the newly organized IRPHEP
441 Edwin Kolbe - Validation of standard neutron data libraries for LWR storage pools and transport casks criticality safety evaluations
Accelerator Applications Chair: E. Gonzalez
724 Frank Goldenbaum - Progress in nuclear data for accelerator applications in Europe
326 Markus Brugger - Calculation of radionuclide production cross sections with FLUKA and their application in high energy accelerator studies
737 Ondrej Svoboda - Neutron production in Pb/U assembly irradiated by protons and deuterons at 0.7--2.52 GeV
768 Thierry Aoust - Production of radiotoxic isotopes in proton-induced spallation reactions on thick LBE targets. Recent extensions of the INCL model and experimental validation
Nuclear Models Chair: P. Talou
310 Ludovic Bonneau - Direct and semidirect radiative capture of nucleons with Hartree-Fock-BCS theory
527 Emil Beták - Radiative nucleon capture - a dual approach
291 Vlad Avrigeanu - Self-consistent optical potential for α-particles at low energies
744 Brett V. Carlson - Configuration mixing in nucleon-induced pre-equilibrium reactions
Gamma Spectroscopy Measurements Chair: M. M. Bé
245 Winifred Parker - Review of LLNL-led neutron-capture studies using DANCE
648 Ron Nelson - Recent results from GEANIE at LANSCE
769 Paulo Reginaldo Pascholati - 19F(p,αγ)16O reaction: HPGe detector response function and gamma-ray relative yields
413 Hideo Harada - High resolution spectroscopy of the giant resonance in the 16O(γ,abs) reaction
Intermediate Energy Experiments Chair: X. Ledoux
308 Alexandru Negret - A new setup for neutron inelastic cross section measurements
415 Maëlle Kerveno - Measurement of 232Th(n,5nγ) cross sections from 28 to 44 MeV
372 Angelica Öhrn - Elastic neutron scattering at 96 MeV
360 Ferenc Téarkéanyi - Cross sections of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on metal targets

Poster Session 1